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October 15, 2008

ps3 update 2.50

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This is a blog post about ps3 update 2.50 – if you still need a ps3 go get a playstation 3 for sale.

Turns how the new ps3 update (the ps3 update 2.50) has just been released for the ps3. Hopefully ps3 update 2.50 is as good as we hoped it would be. A lot of playstation 3 updates have come up but the 2.50 ps3 update looks even better.

It’s hard to know what the this ps3 update will bring but we’ve heard that 2.50 update for the ps3 will become much more useful. Also the ps3 update 2.50 is totally a ps3 firmware upgrade! Please remember this! You need to realize that this is strictly a ps3 update for firmare (version 2.50).

If you’re worried about ps3 update 2.50 don’t sweat it it has been tested over and over!

Now go get some playstation game cheats!


September 30, 2008

Xbox 360 Slim News

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Another post on some news of the xbox 360. Forget my post about xbox 360 accessories, this is an all new xbox 360 slim that is slated for realease in 2009. This looks really promising and is sure to be a really hot new product for all the xbox 360 gamers out there. This is pretty sweet for me seeing as I have a broken xbox 360 that’s just lying around.

August 31, 2008

Broken Xbox 360?

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This isn’t so related to xbox 360 gaming but I guess people have broken xbox 360s so we should help em out.

What do you do if your xbox 360 is broken? Well there is a temporary fix you can see in this video:

Other than that here is some information:

Immediately call xbox 360 support. The xbox 360 support number is: 1-800-4MY-XBOX. They’ll set you up with a free way to ship your 360 to Microsoft and they’ll replace it free of charge. Note that you’ll have to be under warranty. This is something that a lot of people hate. The warranty isn’t very long (~1 yearish?) so hopefully you stiill have it.

ADVICE: If you can somehow get extended warranty do so!

Also, if you get the xbox 360 repaired and you are under warranty they automatically extend it by a year, so you don’t have to worry at least for a while.

When you call them they’ll ask you to ship the xbox 360 back to them so do that and you should get your new one in a bit.

OK, that should cover the broken xbox 360. Now, what about halo 3 wars? Looks damn good doesn’t it. No real updates since then, just been looking at pictures and fan info.

Maybe the next post will be about Gears of War 2 and the new gameplay mechanics.

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